What’s Worrying Recruiters About Social Media

Recruiters and employers want to “do the right thing” when it comes to using Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. But what’s the right thing? That’s what they’re not sure of, says Keith Watts, an employment law attorney with Ogletree Deakins.

We talk about this challenge on the podcast below, including:

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  • How to handle photos you see on Facebook
  • The Catch-22 of hiring the “most qualified” candidate
  • The legal risks of inconsistency in the hiring process


4 Comments on “What’s Worrying Recruiters About Social Media

  1. Hey Todd

    It’s an interesting subject, especially with companies getting banned from researching on Facebook.

    What is going to help in this space is when more and more apps start to use the living Facebook data, and simply re-format or package the data for different purposes, and make the re-packaged info available outside of Facebook. (Think your public Facebook page presented in different formats for different services / uses).

    Over @ find.ly one of our goals was to help people “Separate Friday night from Monday morning” – this means, help the job seeker safely use parts of their Facebook profile for recruiting, without disclosing social activity or content.

    The flip side is that recruiters don’t need to be “friends” with job seekers and the company can be assured that recruiters just see the info they should see (compliance).

    We believe find.ly helps legitimizes social profiles as a “source document” for recruiting – because we provide a safe wrapper to share social profile information for recruitment while staying in ethical bounds.

    PS: As LinkedIn get more and more social, I wonder if the same will be said about using LinkedIn for recruiting in the future – e.g. Recruiters can see potentially biasing social information?

    Best: Jason

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