When Bad Things Happen to Great People: ERE Author Suffers Horrific, Freak Accident

raghav-singh-largeI wish I could say this is just a post from “The Onion” or an April Fool’s Day joke. Alas, it is not. Long-time ERE writer and speaker — and accomplished recruiter and recruiting technology expert — Raghav Singh was involved in a nightmarish accident that has led to a series of intense medical treatments in Minnesota.

The cover of his hot tub, which he was in with his children, apparently flipped back over on to him. The hot tub cover landed on his head, sending him under water, paralyzed. His son dove under the cover to get him out, and held him up while his daughter ran for Singh’s wife.

Singh’s children saved his life. I believe he was airlifted at this point to a hospital; a colleague of Singh’s tells me Raghav is grateful for the rapid medical response, something he said wouldn’t have been the case in his native India. He was in intensive care; had spinal surgery; has limited mobility, particularly below his chest; and is in some discomfort. His wife is asking people to pray for him.

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Singh’s company is called The A-List. His many ERE articles (many controversial ERE articles!) are here, as is a link to his email address. He’s also on LinkedIn.


19 Comments on “When Bad Things Happen to Great People: ERE Author Suffers Horrific, Freak Accident

  1. I am so sorry to hear of this terrible situation. I feel sick at the thought of this happening to him.

    I will keep him in my prayers and try to reach out to him. I hope others will as well.

  2. Raghav,

    I wish you a full and speedy recovery! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time.

    Paul Tseko

  3. Raghav lives and works near where I live and work. I’ve yet to meet his family but we’ve talked about them. His kids are young so thank goodness that they had the presence of mind to save him while also getting help.

    Hopefully the excellent medical care that he’s already received and likely will continue to receive will allow him a full and speedy recovery.

  4. Wow. Always boggles the mind when things can happen in a split-second that can permanently alter lives. I hope Raghav comes out of this OK and his kids aren’t too spooked about this episode. And, thanks to Todd for posting.

  5. Raghu is extremely lucky –
    1) Have kids with presence of mind
    2) Big enough to lift him out of the water
    3) Have a good medical facility close enough to perform the emergency surgery required.

    He is my favorite cousin from when we were small kids together in New Delhi. He is funny, often subtly and extremely intelligent. It made me realize how we drift apart from our loved ones even without meaning to. We spoke a few times a year. I had not spoken to him since the standard New Year greetings. I had been meaning to visit him in Minnesota for a few years now. Please keep him in your prayers.

  6. How terrifying and terrible! As others have stated, but can’t be stated enough, his children deserve tremendous credit for their quick actions and presence of mind. While something unusual had to go horribly wrong for this to happen, so much seemed to go miraculously right as well. Sending best wishes and much hope to him, and to his family, for a quick recovery.

  7. I’ve been a long time friend, and this is just devistating. I don’t know how I missed this ERE piece before now. Thanks for writing it Todd. He’s a great man, father, friend, recruiter and everything else. I just know that his family and friends would appreciate all the positive thoughts and prayers toward recovery. It’s just awful and beyond words ….

  8. I have been an avid reader of Raghav’s articles and so this piece of news is shocking.

    Wishing him a speedy recovery..and return to action as soon as possible. Our prayers are with him

    Achyut Menon

  9. I can only pray that he gets better and get back to writing.

    Don’t think he would be in bad a state if he still be critical about his native country from his hospital bed. Looks like he is in good spirits.

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