When Techies Get the 5-year Itch

With LinkedIn making seemingly weekly launches, updates, and other moves, and now thinking about your 13 and 14-year-old kids as well as college profiles and updates to groups, we could probably devote a whole section of this site to just LinkedIn news. Alas, there’s more that’s been going on in recent weeks, including a new site for those techie employees getting the itch to move on.

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  • That itchy site is in beta, just now expanding its availability. Employees in the U.S., Canada, the UK, Israel, India, and Australia who want to test the waters can anonymously tell a little about themselves, sans resume, and get a little pitch from an employer. If there may be a match, the employee gives permission for the employer to give them a call. The company tells me its U.S. efforts are first focusing on some cities, like Chicago, Austin, and Boulder. More here.
  • I know, I know – you’ve heard this before, but another new company would like to kill off the resume. Hackermeter.
  • Speaking of new forms of resumes … a friend of a friend of mine is working on a new site called thePortfolium, where people can showcase their work in a multimedia way, with videos and attachments. More here.
  • Gigwalk is expanding to Droid.
  • Scout is integrating with Kenexa and Taleo, creating a marketplace where you figure out the best agency recruiter for you, based on things like location, performance history, and geography.


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