When the Client Can’t Score, That’s When They Punt

kickoff football-freeEveryone that follows football knows that in addition to a star quarterback or high-priced offensive lineman, every team also has a punter. From high school to college to the NFL, every roster carries a punter on it.

There isn’t a football coach out there that WANTS to punt. Rarely will you see a team get excited to punt the ball away and give it to their opponent. The punter will sit on the sideline for the majority of the game. They rarely take any big hits and in some situations they are not called upon to play at all. Yet, when it’s 4th and long, here comes the punter off the bench. Because of this, they make all-star games or pro bowls, they make millions of dollars annually, and they get to live the life of a professional football player.

Headhunters are the punter of the technology industry. Rarely will you find a CEO (coach) excited to call a headhunter (punter). They are even less excited when a headhunter calls them. There isn’t a CEO or VP out there that is delighted by the prospect of paying a recruiting fee. You will never find a CFO that is giddy about the idea of signing a check to us. However… what they do like, is results.

With an ever increasing demand for top talent and the need for it now, companies are consistently turning to headhunters to fill this demand. We don’t code and we don’t write MRD/prds. We ONLY recruit. We spend 100% of our day — all day, every day — recruiting. A good headhunter specializes in targeting the top 5% of talent for their clients; something that the clients don’t have time to do for themselves. The bottom line is that a headhunter can spend more time recruiting for their clients in one week than the clients can spend recruiting in one month.

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Good coaching is about making the right decisions. Sometimes these are tough decisions. It’s about strategically doing what is best for your team and putting your team in the ideal position to succeed.

I’m not saying that you can’t punt. I’m just saying that I’m a better punter than you.

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Josh Bear is currently vice president at Jivaro, a recruiting firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has been involved in headhunting since he co-founded Jivaro as the head of its Client Research Division in 1997. In addition to his day-to-day headhunting responsibilities, he also manages multiple teams of recruiters that focus on high tech placements and handles operations for Jivaro?s regional offices.


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  1. I would argue that an Executive Recruiter is NOT the punter or even a player on the field, but rather, the Pro Personnel Director, which every team has by the way. The PPD’s job is to know every relevant player in the league who can
    possibly become available in any capacity and help his and his coach’s team.

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