When Your Quota Is a Candidate: Finding Sales and Marketing Professionals

While you can pound the pavement looking for sales and marketing candidates, setting your sights on a few websites aimed at this audience of professionals is apt to yield better results. Topsales Site TopSalesPostitions.com is an employment site focused exclusively on salespeople. Serving a wide array of industries and offering jobs requiring varying levels of experience, TopSalesPositions.com lists jobs with some of the nation’s largest employers. A job seeker visiting the site can view positions by selecting an employer from the “Employers of the Week” list, or by choosing “Search Jobs.” At the “Job Seekers Center,” keywords can be entered in the “Quick Search” box. A person can also search by location, industry, and job title. Among the job title categories are “Sales Representative,” “Call Center Positions,” “Customer Service,” “Sales Engineer,” and “Stockbroker.” In addition, there are several listings for “Telesales/Telemarketing” professionals. TopSalesPositions jobs claims that, when posting a job at the site, you’ll ultimately reach over 300,000 sales people a month. This is because the site’s database also appears at SalesDoctor.com, BusinessbyPhone.com, Salesrepsonline.com, and Salesvault.com. Job packages are available for purchase on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis. Although packages are set up with specific timeframes in mind, TopSalesPositions is flexible and will modify a package to meet an employer’s needs. All packages, including individual job listings, provide access to the site’s resume database. Semi-annual and annual packages include banner rotation at the site. Annual packages include banner creations. A Job Market MarketingJobs.com is an employment site for sales, marketing, and advertising professionals. A job seeker wishing to search the site selects “Job Search” from the homepage. This leads to a page where a location and/or job category can be chosen. There is also an option keyword search field. Job categories at the site appear under six main headings: “Sales,” “Sales Mgmt.,” “Marketing,” “Marketing Mgmt.,” “Advertising/ Public Relations,” and “Advertising Mgmt.” Under “Sales” there are eight categories, including “Biz Development/New Biz,” “Inside Sales,” “Outside Sales,” “Technical Sales,” and “Telemarketing.” Included under the 11 categories of “Marketing” are “Brand Management,” “Direct Marketing,” “Marketing Research,” “Online Marketing,” and “Product Management.” While “Advertising/Public Relations” does include seven categories, including “Advertising Sales” and “Media Planner/Buyer,” jobs at the site are focused more on sales and marketing. A recent search found that only 181 of a total 3,227 posted positions were in advertising. At MarketingJobs.com, an employer has several options. There are one- and two-month job posting packages, as well as recruiting packages that include unlimited postings, resume database access, a company profile, and company logo exposure. Recruiting packages also feature a “Resume Agent,” which matches qualified candidates to selected criteria and automatically emails appropriate resumes. Another option, available for an additional fee, is the company’s FTP service, which enables jobs from a corporate Web site to be posted at MarketingJobs.com on a daily basis. Employers can also elect to appear in the “Featured Employers” column at the site’s homepage for a monthly fee. When a job seeker selects an employer’s name from this column, all job postings for the company appear. Members And More With over 45,000 members, the American Marketing Association (AMA) is the world’s largest society for marketing professionals. The site’s “Career Center” features jobs posted by leading national and international employers. Although available for general use, AMA members have access to postings 10 days prior to non-members. A job seeker has several methods of searching at the “Career Center,” which can be accessed from the homepage. All jobs can be viewed, or a “Date Posted Range” can be specified. Specific locations can be chosen from a menu, where only those locations for which there are openings are listed. A “Job Level” is an option, with “Entry-Level,” “Mid-Level,” and “Senior-Level” as choices. The default is “All Levels.” In addition, a person can choose from “General Marketing,” “Marketing Management,” “Health Care Marketing,” and “Marketing Research,” under a heading called “Job Category.” Although there is no mechanism to allow searching by keywords at the site, by using the filters, it is possible to target specific positions. Most jobs at the AMA Career Center are mid-level management positions and carry titles like manager, director, or assistant vice president. Although the site does not list a large quantity of jobs, all positions are current. This, along with the organization’s standing in the industry and the potential to reach its select membership, makes AMA’s Career Center a potentially viable advertising resource. Knocking On Doors The American Marketing Association consists of over 500 chapters. If your recruitment efforts regularly involve marketing professionals, you may want to contact a chapter in your area to see if any local opportunities may be available. Selecting “Site Map” at the homepage, then “Professional Chapter Directory,” takes you to a page where you can obtain chapter contact information for a specific region. By exploring a variety of options when searching for sales and marketing professionals, you’ll be more inclined to reach your goal: finding the right candidate for that open position. <*SPONSORMESSAGE*>

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