Where Have all the Machinists Gone?

Manpower is out with its list of the 10 hardest jobs to fill in the United States, and for the third consecutive year, sales representatives, technicians, accountants/finance staff, and machinists remain in demand, proving that job seekers with specific skill sets are still in demand.

This list shows the ranking for 2008, with the 2007 rankings in parentheses:

  1. Engineers
  2. Machinists/Machine operators (10)
  3. Skilled trades
  4. Technicians (4)
  5. Sales representatives (1)
  6. Accounting & finance staff (8)
  7. Mechanics (3)
  8. Laborers (9)
  9. IT staff
  10. Production operators

Employers are finding it difficult to fill openings for skilled trades people, IT staff, and production operators, all new to the 2008 list.

Manpower says this research hints at the fact that employers across the country are experiencing a mismatch between the talent their businesses need and the skills and abilities potential employees possess.

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So how can you get the balance you need? Manpower says it is essential for companies to get better at attracting and retaining aging workers while still developing innovative recruiting programs targeting young professionals, especially those interested in technical and trade careers.

Melanie Holmes, a Manpower vice president, talks here about how companies can find a balance for attracting and retaining workers in the different generations.

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