Where To Find Network Engineers and Administrators

Looking for network engineers, but don’t want to wade through every job board on the web to find them? Here are a few places to start: Brainbuzz.com

This self-described “mother of all tech sites” features a network engineers’ community of over 18,000 members, formerly known as ExtraCheez.com. This site promises to connect employers with IT talent in the “hard-to-find” three to five years experience range. Networking at Computerjobs.com

Part of Computerjobs.com, this Networking site functions as a mini-community for network engineers, featuring news, events, user groups, and over 6000 job listings. Employers pay a monthly fee to post up to 50 ads, giving them access to daily resumes. Consultant’s Corner

Computerjobs.com recently launched this new site where employers can easily search for IT consultants including network engineers. Unlike auctions for contract workers, this site does not engage employers in a bidding war, and instead claims to focus on the talent itself. www.NetworkEngineer.com

An affiliate of CareerMarketplace.com, this site is devoted to job listings for network engineers. TechRepublic

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This career site features the channel ADMINRepublic, which focuses on network administrators. The job directory lets employers search for network engineers among its database of jobs. Additional sites for finding contract network engineers include: WorkExhange, SkillsVillage.com, and the auction site bid4geeks.com In addition, two IT specific job boards to try are:

Techies.com and Dice.com . Of course, another excellent place to locate network engineers is among the various user groups they frequent. A sampling of some of the user groups out there include:

the Linux User’s Group of Jackson, Mississippi, the Los Angeles Windows NT User Group, and the Dallas/Ft. Worth Cisco Users Group.

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