Which IT Pros Are Now in Demand

From Janco Associates, a Nevada consulting company specializing in information systems.

Positions With Increased Demand/Low Layoff Potential/Low Outsourcing Potential

Positions With Decreased Demand/High Layoff Potential/High Outsourcing Potential

Large enterprises

Chief Information Officer – VP

Computer Operations Shift Manager

Network Control Analyst

Network Services Administrator

Systems Analyst

Systems Programmer

VP Technical Services

Director IT Planning

Manager Internet Systems

Manager Operating System Production

Manager Systems & Programming

Manager Technical Services

Voice Wireless Communications Manager

Data Entry Clerk

Data Base Specialist

IT Planning Analyst

Senior Network Specialist

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Midsize enterprises

Manager Database

Manager Internet Systems

Database Specialist

Network Control Analyst

Librarian (PCI-DSS Specialist)

Director IT Planning

Manager Data Communications

Manager Operating Systems Production

Manager Technical Services

Disaster Recovery Coordinator

Network Services Administrator

Network Technician

Software Engineer

Web Analyst


4 Comments on “Which IT Pros Are Now in Demand

  1. Todd a lot of what is in column A can also be found in people from column B- IT “skills” rarely come in neat baskets as any IT recruiter can tell you.

    In fact, the titles that recruiters work on can easily cluster around the specifics of the clients at hand- one groups “systems programmer” is another’s “software engineer” and so on…..

  2. I see what you’re saying Martin — they’re just generalities, with a lot of exceptions. One tends to be a safer job than the other, but by no means in all cases. It’s similar to when people say in one breath that manufacturing is moving overseas and in another breath that not enough people are going into manufacturing because they think it’s all moving overseas. It’s similar to the thing that I keep reading in business publications that “health care is recession-proof” — not always true.

  3. As the immortal Yogi said “nobody goes there anymore because it’s too crowded” !

    But very seriously: great IT minds come with all kinds of titles; thinking of them in tight silos can blinker recruiters and hiring authorities from real talent that could meet the need(s) at hand plus some.

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