Why Go to ERE’s Chicago Conference? Part 2

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 10.06.05 AMIn the last post I talked about one reason to go to Chicago — the fact that ERE is geared specifically for in-house recruiting leaders. I want to get into something else here in post 2: and that is how we handle the choosing of conference speakers. It is another reason that ERE is unlike any other event in our space. This process is something we’re very proud of, and is something that makes for a better conference.

We want the majority of the speakers to be in-house recruiting or human resources leaders, many who haven’t before publicly shared their perspectives and best practices.

We get ideas for speakers from:

  • Those of you who’ve sent us pitches/ideas
  • Reading news stories and blogs and tweets all day and night
  • ERE Recruiting Excellence Award winners
  • Suppliers who tell us about their customers
  • Other speakers who give us recommendations
  • Ere.net authors and commenters
  • LinkedIn groups and local events
  • And more.

Anyhow, the majority of speakers are in-house recruiting/HR leaders. After that, I’m happy to have a few people on the docket who are consultants, suppliers, or who otherwise aren’t in-house recruiting leaders. But if you’ve spent money to exhibit and sponsor a lunch or whatever, that doesn’t help you or hurt you as far as trying to get on the agenda as a conference speaker (we do have one session where each conference sponsor gets up and gives one very quick, non-self-promoting tip to attendees).

Admittedly, there’ve been times someone gets mad. “I paid for a booth … doesn’t that mean I get to speak?” (No.)

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We believe the content comes first, and ultimately that benefits both you the attendee — as well as the sponsors. They know that the recruiting leaders who show are there to hear from their peers and others who’ve been selected — the best we can — on their merit.

I hope to see you in Chicago, and don’t hesitate to contact me directly with any questions about the event.


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