Why Is It So Difficult To Find Qualified Candidates?

Note: Barb Bruno is one of the most in-demand trainers and conference speakers in staffing and search. We asked her what questions came up most frequently this year during her presentations. Over the next few weeks Barb will share these questions and her responses.

Ask BarbThis is a candidate driven market and candidates are aware that they are in demand. They are often receiving calls from more than one recruiter attempting to entice them to change jobs.

It’s important for you to embrace the fact that a candidate driven market is great for the staffing and recruiting profession. If it was easy to find candidates, you wouldn’t have a job because there would be no need for your services.

The solution is to identify new resources for candidates at least each quarter. You can’t keep utilizing the exact same resources and expect to enjoy improved results. Too many recruiters have become too dependent on job boards. Often the clients you represent also utilize job boards. They expect you to represent candidates they can’t find themselves.

Some methods of identifying new resources for candidates include:

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  •  Resources used by the candidates you represent. Ask them what they use.
  • Professional trade association membership lists.
  • Trade publications – often candidate leads are in the articles.
  • Social media sites utilized by your target market.
  • Chat rooms or blogs followed by the candidates you want to attract.

If you have been in the recruiting profession for more than 18 months over 50% of your candidate flow should now be referrals from other candidates. Interview utilizing an org chart approach to surface names of co-workers.

If you want to double your candidate flow starting today, take out the applications of the best candidates you’ve interviewed in the last six months. Call their last place of employment and ask for them. You’ll get their replacement who almost always has the same skill sets as your candidate. If you want to triple your candidate flow, call their last two employers and ask for them.

Set a goal to identify a new resource for candidates each quarter and you will be able to attract the candidates your clients will hire.

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2 Comments on “Why Is It So Difficult To Find Qualified Candidates?

  1. The secret to finding great candidates is simple: recruit ONLY for the best jobs. I received 150 resumes in the past week from highly-motivated candidates simply by direct contact and highly-targeted email. No complaints. All the candidates were PhDs, some working with Nobel winners. The idea of the “candidate-driven market” only applies to recruiters trying to fill inferior jobs. Lately, it’s a lot more flood than famine.

  2. There are many companies who are scrambling to find enough qualified candidates. But with an availability of so much talent in the marketplace, it should be rather comparatively easy to find candidates. well, there may be many grounds to not finding suitable candidates. Qualified candidates are out there and they’re participating in the job market right now. But it may be that the hiring process you are using is preventing your recruiting team from realizing their value. To improve the hiring process some steps should be taken like making job description more attractive, creating employers brand, considering both, the freshers and experienced, and so on. Implementing these few steps can ease the hiring process which in turn lead to find out more qualified candidate easily.

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