Workday Moving Into Recruiting Technology

Workday, the hot human resources technology company whose entry into the stock market made waves last month, is headed into the recruiting-technology business.

Workday Recruiting is no big surprise for Workday, a company that’s a cloud-based competitor of Oracle and PeopleSoft. The system for managing applicants, and onboarding them, isn’t yet available. Workday is merely announcing that it’s working on the product, and that it’ll include “headcount planning, job requisition, and pipeline management analytics” and “candidate workflow management, collaborative interview management, offer management, support for local data compliance and configurable rules, and connectors for postings, social sourcing, and background checks.”

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It’ll be sold as an add-on to Workday customers in the first half of 2014, the company says.


3 Comments on “Workday Moving Into Recruiting Technology

  1. Its a great move.

    I sat down with a company just the other day that mapped over 50 HR processes that will align into Workday. And they are not the only one – I don’t make calls all day and ask people about what they are doing with ERP, but I hear about Workday, Oracle, SAP and how recruiting is getting into the fold.

    Recruiting is coming into the fold alright – but LAST. ERP systems were never really known for applicant tracking – thus all the purchasing of Taleo, Kenexa, and SuccessFactors.

    CEOs care about employees and they want to weave workforce process to workers. So organizations will align all the other HR processes first (since recruiting can wait since it has its own systems anyway), and then the final push will come. Right into recruiting.

    And Oracle, SAP, IBM, and Workday are ALL banking on it. They have bought businesses, aligned new people, changed product development, made innovations, and made announcements. You think an ATS is expense? Try tens and hundreds of millions in an ERP globally.

    If your company is on these platforms, or thinking about these platforms, recruiting is either on the roadmap or its gonna be. Don’t worry you have a few years to wait though – these implementations don’t take 20 minutes.

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