You Can Bank On This Recruiting Center

Wells Fargo is opening up a new recruiting facility that looks a lot like a bank. By design, that is.

The new recruiting center in Bonifacio Global City in the Philippines is designed to show people what an American bank looks like … and feels like.

The recruiters are supposed to greet applicants the way bank customers are greeted as they enter, in order to demonstrate the customer-service approach of Wells Fargo.

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Wells Fargo will have an open house in the fake-bank every Wednesday this month, where there’ll be “career talks” and “one-day application processing,” the company says.

Wells Fargo Enterprise Global Services in November of 2011 had fewer than 100 people in the Philippines. Now, there are over 4,000, and three full buildings. It’s working on an additional location in the Philippines, “targeted to seat more than 7,000 team members,” the company says.


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