You’ll Want to Wash Someone’s Mouth Out With Soap After Watching This Recruiting Video

You probably already noticed recruiting videos are getting progressively less ordinary all the time. More proof of that comes in this video by flash-gaming company Kixeye that’s starting to fly quickly around Facebook and LinkedIn.

I’ll warn you ahead of time that it’s more NC-17 than G.

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Meanwhile, even better and less profane is the “are you one of us?” quiz on the right side of Kixeye’s career site.


16 Comments on “You’ll Want to Wash Someone’s Mouth Out With Soap After Watching This Recruiting Video

  1. Todd – you are right. I do want to wash out that kid’s mouth. Clearly the company is targeting young males who grew up playing RockStar games like Grand Theft Auto where swearing and violence are part of the entertainment. (Heard in my own home as spouse played). Not my cup of tea – and this video would definitely screen ME out, which is probably Kickeye’s point.

  2. Okay, I find this video entertaining if crass. It’s obviously successful due to its viral nature. It’s sexist and oriented toward young men. I did find the jobs quiz great fun. I had to admit I was sad there wasn’t a recruiting gig open because Im curious what their hiring process is like. Todd, I’m glad you wrote about it. I was really curious what the industry would think of it. It’s so wildly out there … in poor taste to be sure, but if they’re targeting that demographic …. do we know their head of recruiting? Maybe a great story, would love to hear from him/her.

  3. Not a bad start…They should run it on Adult Swim and G4. I’d replace the kid (kinda reminds me of a youthful, foul-mouthed Dean Winters’ “Mayhem” from Allstate) with Aaron Paul’s Jesse Pinkman character from Breaking Bad or Jason Gann’s Wilfred the Dog from Wilfred- you “red bull” the excitement/rebellion factor with the target demo by using a well-known, bad-ass anti-hero.

    Lata, Gatas….


  4. Frank, since when does a private company need EEO approval to create a recruiting video? It’s certainly in poor taste, but that’s their choice.

  5. Yeah, I don’t want to give legal advice, but I certainly don’t know of a law that would make this video in and of itself illegal.

  6. @Frank/Robb/Todd:

    If Kixeye were REALLY clever, they’d send out a prsss release denying the rumor that the EEO is trying to crack down and ban it. This would make people think that the EEO IS trying to ban it (plus the EEO might be asked about it, which of course they would deny), and create even more buzz.

    Keith “You Might Think That, But I Couldn’t Possbly Comment” Halperin

  7. Rob – re: your question above … sorry for the delay in responding, it has been a super busy couple of days w/preparing for the fall conference, the spring conference, and all those news stories the last two days (co. earnings, jobs report), etc. Anyhow – it was actually out of the marketing department, not recruiting. I just got off the phone with the marketing SVP, Brandon Barber, who said that it was made to raise the company’s profile among the developer/engineer types. He said the video took about a month or two, was very low cost. They got a little help from the SF/NY agency Mekanism. He said the response is better than he expected, as judged by the approx. 170,000 YouTube views; the 2,669 likes-171 dislikes ratio, and the number of incoming applicants tripling or quadrupling. About the discussion above about EEO stuff, he says (see the company actually has, somewhat atypically, a female CFO and and engineering VP, among others. He says “we have tons of lesbian, gay, transgender employees … we don’t care what your gender is, we care whether you kick ass…”

  8. Wow, Todd, that’s great followup. Also, proof of the ad’s effectiveness, and kicks my stereotype that the company was a bunch of young 20-something males out the window. Well done Kixeye. We care whether you kick ass, that’s just awesome.

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