You’ve Got 6 Minutes to Capture People on Your Career Site

We’ve taken a look before at the days of the week desktop and mobile users are most likely to search for jobs.

New data from Peoplefluent shows how much time people spend on career sites.

Let’s take a look.

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Peoplefluent used Google Analytics to measure visits to all career sites of its customers, for the year ending December 31, 2013.

Here’s the average duration of a visit to a career site.

And here’s how many pages people visit, on average.
views per visit
They arrive midday …
hour of visit
… early in the week.
day of week
About half have visited before.
new vs returning
Explorer dominates.


4 Comments on “You’ve Got 6 Minutes to Capture People on Your Career Site

  1. Very interesting, one thing that would be interesting to know, is was the quality of candidates tracked, I remember being told there was researched carried out that candidates that DO NOT use IE tended to be higher than those that do.

  2. Todd,

    Good info. I seem to recall a long time ago, Cisco did a study on folks hitting their jobs pages. AS I recall this info is pretty close to what you have here. A good indicator that folks still look for jobs on about the same days of the week, at about the same times of the day, etc….

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