ZoomInfo Revamps Indeed-Powered Jobs Site, Adds Tools for Recruiters

The new ZoomInfo.com is now fully integrated with Indeed.com — just one month after announcing its partnership.

What that means for job seekers is that they can now search for companies by specific criteria and then identify open positions at each one.

“It’s a new way of job search. All the other job boards work the same. Search by title or search by company,” says Russell Glass, vice president of products.

“But if I’m looking for a type of company, unless I know the name of every single one, I can’t do that search. With ZoomInfo, now I can. That’s a pretty compelling new way of doing job search,” says Glass.

For example, a user can search for a mid-sized Boston-based accounting firm specializing in the telecommunications industry, search companies of interest, and then search for a complete listing of available jobs at those companies.

The Waltham, Massachusetts-based company says the new ZoomInfo.com is the “first market-ready semantic search engine.”

In easier-to-digest terms, that means it continually crawls millions of corporate websites, press releases, electronic news services, SEC filings, and other online sources. Then, it tags, aggregates, and organizes the information into organized profiles.

“Prior to this release, no site existed that allowed business users to find business information as quickly and easily as they can with ZoomInfo.com,” says Bryan Burdick, COO of ZoomInfo.

“Instead, they had to pay costly annual premiums to business information services in order to access information on a limited number of companies, or manually read and digest the thousands of Web results for a specific search on Google or other general search engines,” he says.

He explains that the new model is “giving away valuable content on companies,” while costly subscription sites like Hoovers, are not.

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“We’re giving it away and subsidizing with advertising revenue,” explains Burdick. (The company says it is releasing additional information on B2B advertising soon.)

Additionally, ZoomInfo has announced ZoomExec, for a monthly upgrade fee.

It provides access to information on executive-level prospects, including work history, education, contact information, and Web references.

“For the individual recruiter only focused on executives, this could be extremely valuable. If you’re a recruiter and care only care about VP-level and beyond, we give you that,” says Burdick.

Of course, ZoomInfo.com continues to provide free people searches by name.

“Power search continues to be our flagship product,” explains Burdick. “We have, officially, the top-20 recruitment agencies using us.”

Elaine Rigoli has nearly 15 years of experience managing content and community for various B2B and consumer websites. Elaine has written thousands of business and technology articles and has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal and eWeek, among other publications.


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  1. Some of what ZoomInfo is nothing new as we already do something similar on our website and have been for the last two years. Though our site is more focused on the biotech and healthcare IT companies, we do aggregated jobs and news about the companies, and we also search the MEDLINE and Amazon.com databases for journal citation and books written about the companies as well. I believe another site in my niche industry, Biospace.com does something similar as well though on a smaller scale.

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